About Us

About Us

Garments in Nepal offers you the wide ranges of Nepalese handmade products. We offer you with wide ranges of Nepalese handicraft items. We sell our own factory outlets made with local resources of Nepal and do have our inventory of our own manufacture plant by our skilled manpower and we only display those goods which are in our stock and are available too. After the experience of manufacturing and running a plant for more than 3 years we have established this online retails store for our valued customers where every customers can buy the goods according to their wish as we offer you goods in wholesale price as well as you can even order a single product in wholesale price *in case of shipment of at least 25kgs goods. The main specialty to create this website is you can get the each product in your desirable size even a single design. We offer wide ranges of Nepalese handmade products like Nepalese clothing, dress, jacket, tank tops, woolen product, long jackets, Nepalese pure cotton goods,gheri items ,pancho,cotton Bags etc and lots more.

The goods we  display here are only available items and ready to deliver goods so that you can choice your desired goods and get the shipment according to your time Our Main objective is offer to buy single item on wholesale price and you can get shipment within 8-10 days as if you wire payment it will take 4-5 days, we need to pack the goods and make custom our courier or cargo . And if you want to start your own business you can freely contact us for the samples.


 Nepalese clothing is established for earning goodwill for itself, which only can be done with quality of products and satisfaction of our valued customers. We are very sure that once our valued customers/clients provide us opportunities for supplying the products or, they will realize that we are really worth it and we never let your hopes go down. We are glad to be with our investors, customers, employees, community and as a whole world being connected in one click and Now you can buy even single on item on wholesale price *in case of shipment of at least 25kgs goods.


·         To utilize local resources of Nepal in reality and let the world see for what really they are meant.

·         Garments in Nepal  is committed to raise the standard of living of rural and urban Nepalese by providing them with an opportunity to earn an income

·         We have been working as a bridge to access between products and potential customers and save their time too. All the products seen in the website are ready to dispatch materials so we just need the time for shipping only, and you can get your desired goods only in span of 10-11 days maximum.